Uwe Meusel (Author)

Uwe Meusel

Uwe Meusel studied music and theatre and started tap dancing at the beginning of the 80s. He soon began to teach and in 1988 founded the Musical-TAP-Company, a studio devoted to the art of tap dance. He has reconstructed more than 100 classic choreographies and has studied with most of the American tap greats, working regularly for the last twenty years with Sam Weber (San Francisco).

In 1995 Mr. Meusel spearheaded the founding of „German TAP“ and has been its president from 2001 to 2006. He also supported the ITA as its German representative. With his company and in collaboration with such diverse artists as Sam Weber, Vivian Kleiser, Andreas Dänel, Matthias Meusel, Bernd Dussler and Dunja Lenz he has performed in numerous shows, galas and festivals. During the last 33 years Uwe Meusel has produced over 40 full-length tap shows in various theatres in and around Freiburg.

Uwe is also one of the leading tap dance historians in Europe, with one of the largest archives. As a teacher, he possesses a thorough knowledge of dance technique and musical theory and pays precise attention to rhythm, phrasing and terminology. Uwe is versed in all styles of tap and was featured at workshops in Germany, France and Italy. As Soloist he danced various presentations of the Sacred Concert by Duke Ellington. From 2012 Uwe Meusel started performing again as singer and guitarist and in 2016 he produced a portrait CD with Mario Hené which was published by Artist Station Records Hannover.

For many years Uwe Meusel has put his efforts into the documentation of the first 40 years of recorded tap dancing. The work got to a new level, when London based writer Terry Brown got involved. When in 2020 a first subscription got stalled due to the pandemic, Uwe reorganized the work into two volumes, each covering 20 years.

Here you can see some clips of him and his company: