Tap Dancing on Record
(1926 – 1965)

by Uwe Meusel

Contributions written by:
Terry Brown, Sam Weber,

Kurt Albert, Dr. Rainer E. Lotz,
Fabien Ruiz, Natalie Westerdale,
Max Pollak, Milan Messerschmidt,
Sacha Shawky, Veronika Bochynek,
and Rusty Frank (foreword).

Hardcover (450 pages) with Compilation-Box of 15 CDs & 1 DVD


CD Content:

PART 1 (CD 1-3): American Recordings 1899-1952
01:  Intro: A Tribute to Bill ‚Bojangles‘ Robinson (1929-1949)
02:  First Beginnings (1899-1902) & American Recordings (1927-1948)
03:  The Artistry of Fred Astaire (1926-1952)

PART 2 (CD 4-6): European Recordings 1926-1947
04:  Great Britain (1926-1936)
05:  Great Britain and France (1936-1944)
06:  Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium (1930-1947)

PART 3 (CD 7-10): Tap Dance Instruction 1926-1954
07:  Japanese Recordings (1935/58) // Tap Dance Instruction USA (1926-1934)
08:  Tap Dance Instruction Europe (1934-1939)
09:  J. R. Whitton (1940) & Louis DaPron (1940s)
10:  Danny Hoctor (1954) & „Tap On The Air“ (1931-1949)

PART 4 (CD 11-13): Post War Recordings 1947-1965
11:  Post War Recordings (1947-1953)
12:  From Big Band to Stereophonic Sound (1954-1962)
13:  Cats Who Stayed in the Business (1959-1965)

PART 5 (CD 14-16): Tap Masters & Additional Material
14:  The Black and Blue Recording Sessions in France (1973-1979)
15:  Three Concepts: Condos, Raff, Dänel (1989-2009)
16:  DVD: Piano Accompaniments, Video & Printed Material (386 pages PDF)

380 tracks on 15 CDs, 19 tracks on DVD ; with liner notes

84 biographies of international tap dancers / musicians with pictures:
Jack Ackerman, Arfel, Fred Astaire, Sten Axelson, Rosy Barsony, Clayton Peg Leg Bates, Len Bermon, Evi Bodo, Ray Bolger, Theresa Brewer, Bunny Briggs, John Bubbles, Jack Buchanan, Philip Buchel, Nick Castle, Stanley Catron, Honi Coles & Cholly Atkins, Emelyne Collier, Leon Collins, Steve Condos, Betty Jane Cooper, Bill Currie, Andreas Dänel, Dan Dailey, Danny Daniels, Louis DaPron, Sammy Davis Jr., Jesse Fuller, Slim Gaillard, Chuck Green, Harry Hackett, Adelaide Hall, Tokio Hayashi, The Henderson Twins, The Hines Brothers, Danny Hoctor, Edna Holdt, Joey Hollingsworth, Lighnin‘ Hopkins & L. C. Williams, Maggie Hulstrøm-Carlsen, Jack Hulbert, Ellis Jackson, Henry Jacques, Fumiko Kawahata, Gene Kelly, The Krakajax, Evelyn Künneke, Carmen Lahrmann, Baby Laurence, Huddie Ledbetter, Hal LeRoy, Don Liberto, Ray Malone, Jessie Matthews, Ann Miller, Dinah Miller, Taps Miller, Kathy Moore, Arthur Murray, Nakano Brothers, Gene Nelson, The Nicholas Brothers, Pete Nugent, Fin Olsen, Eleanor Powell, Pamela Raff, Elsie Randolph, Eddie Rector, Marina Ried, Bill Bojangles Robinson, Paal Roschberg, Frank Rullo, Leslie Sarony, Jack et Billie Sée, The Five Sherry Brothers, Victor Silvester, Jimmy Slyde, Dowell Smith, Jack Stanly, Iréne de Trébert, Floria Vestoff, Ned Wayburn, James R. Whitton, and Lou Wills Jr.

294 record labels are documented (example):