Here you find a small YouTube selection of better known recordings of tap dancing on 78rpm records, LPs and 7″ Singles, to get a first impression (unfortunately with low sound quality). For our production we have used just the best quality originals and cleaned and recorded them professionally. Restoration and mastering will be done by a specialist using today’s possibilities. Yet I have manually declicked half of the titles, as declicking software would change the sound, lower the volume and sometimes even erase the taps, especially in stereo recordings. Re-editions on LPs, CDs and especially mp3 therefore are often of a terrible sound quality, where not much of the tap sound remains.

USA 1930: Emelyne Collier

Sweden 1935: Sten Axelson

Great Britain 1936: Dinah Miller & Ellis Jackson

Germany 1942: Evelyn Künneke

France 1943: Irène de Trébert

Teaching Section USA 1928: Ned Wayburn

USA 1950: Gene Nelson

USA 1957: Nicholas Brothers

USA 1958: Clayton Peg Leg Bates